Our name

Our formal and legal name is Heartbeat Marketing. The business may be cited or referred to as Heartbeat casually, however not in business activities. The stylised form of our name should only be used means as approved. It must be stylised as exactly H<3RTBEAT MARKETING in those approved circumstances.


Our primary colour combination is Vivid Red & White with Very Dark Grey as an accent, for texts, and for backgrounds to compliment the Heartbeat logo.

  • Vivid Red (HEX #ed1c24 // RGB R:237, G:28, B:36 // CMYK C:0, M:0.88, Y:0.85, K:0.07)
  • White (HEX #fff // RGB R:255, G:255, B:255 // CMYK C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:0)
  • Very Dark Grey (#1a1a1a // RGB R: 26 G: 26 B: 26 // CMYK C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:90)


Our logo is produced in Calibre font stylised bold. The logo must not be reproduced with any other substitute font or font styles. However, other materials, including collateral, media resources, etc. may use standard fonts such as Arial, with no styling, or other approved fonts.

Logo and Imagery

Media Contacts

For all enquiries, please send an email to hello@heartbeat.marketing, with the subject Media Enquiry.